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Russtroyconsulting has been developing and implementing integrated projects for leading Russian and world wide companies

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Russtroyconsulting has been developing and implementing integrated projects for leading Russian and world wide companies. We offer project and construction engineering services, services in complex management consulting and strategy planning, providing consulting support services Russian and international companies. We provide representation of business interests in government authorities. We create conceptions, detailed solutions and long-term development strategies for macro region tourist and manufacture clusters. We are initiating complex projects aimed to form strong brands and achieve maximum audience loyalty.

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We specialize on project and construction engineering, investment and business consulting including investments attraction. We also make strategy planning and complex territory development projects

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With reliable partners and our own agent support in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai holding implements projects all over the world
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Our Clients

Exxon Mobil
Sakhalin Energy
Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Ecology
Moscow Architecture
Administration of Primorsky Region
Suchan Coal

Our Partners

Ministry of Far East Development
Investment Agency of Primorsky Region
Kronshtadt Group
War History Association
Russian Geography Association
Sino Group
Penida Capital Advisors
Pue Tech Link

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