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10/03 2017

The holding is represented at a major forum in Singapore

The joint business mission of HC “Russtroyсonsulting” and “Engineering Consulting Company” presented the consulting direction of work and one of the holding’s projects at the Asia-Pacific Energy & Infrastructure Finance Forum.

Asia-Pacific Energy & Infrastructure Finance Forum was held in Singapore on March 9, 2017 – among the speakers of this event was a representative of the holding company, who presented the company’s opportunities to integrate and promote foreign investment projects in the Russian Far East. As a result, our foreign partners have expressed great interest in the possibility of entering in to the investment market of Russia and the Russian far East. The Ministry of National Development of Singapore offered to establish a representative office of our holding company in Singapore through its division – Economic Development Board.

Russtroyсonsulting and Engineering Consulting Company together have presented there project of coal mining “Suchan-Ugol”, which is maintained by the holding company.  It was the only Russian project presented at the plenary session at the Forum with audience of 258 delegates from 172 different companies. Following the meeting, the project was identified as one of the most promising for investing in the development of the region’s energy potential.

During the presentation, ourcompany managed to attract the attention of representatives of the state-owned and private energy companies of Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. In particular, was received a proposal to conclude several agreements with leading Singaporean energy companies. The holding company continues to work on advancing the consulting business line on the financial and infrastructural communication platforms of the region. 

Industrial cluster “Suchan-Ugol”

One of the most important trends in the world coal market is the consolidation of the coal business and its merger with the metallurgical, energy and transport businesses as well. This process works in both direction – steel, transport and energy corporations are acquiring coal companies. In combination with state programs to support coal mining companies that are being implemented in different countries, this allows new players to enter the world energy market using economic instruments to implement their own innovative projects in the coal industry. Industrial cluster “Suchan-Ugol” is one of these new players.

“Suchan-Ugol” is an industrial complex for the extraction, storage and transportation of coal to the regions of Russia and the Asia-Pacific region. In accordance with the terms of the contract signed between LLC “Suchan-Ugol” and “RusstroyConsulting”, the consulting company agreed to a series of commitments as part of the implementation of the investment project “Restoration of fixed assets and production activities of the «Tsentralnaya» mine.” Currently, theclient have in possession a positive conclusion of the JSC «TFEDC»and preparing to sign an agreement on assigning the status of the resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok to the company.

3rd Annual Asia-Pacific Energy & Infrastructure Finance Forum

Asia-Pacific Energy & Infrastructure Finance Forum is Asia’s largest financial and investment forum for infrastructure and energy projects.The annual forum is held in the business center of the region – Singapore, and gathers investors and project initiators in the area of infrastructure and energy from all over the world. In 2017, the total value of the investment projects presented at the forum will be $ 60 billion US $. The market size for investments in infrastructure and energy in the region is estimated at $ 213 billion. The forum supported by the Ministry of Finance and with the personal participation of the Minister of Finance of Singapore. Speakers of the forum are representatives of the ministries and departments of the countries of the region, responsible for the development of infrastructure and energy – and the leaders of investment funds and representatives of private investors.

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