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26/07 2018

Noticed by legends. We are proud.

A personal “thank you” from the legendary 18th Guards airborne regiment “Normandy-Neman” is an invaluable token of attention.

Alexandra Maksimets, general director of the holding company “Russtroyconsulting” and the film company “Sea Wolf. Cinematic Stories Creation”, was awarded an unexpected (and therefore especially pleasant) reward – a letter of gratitude from the Association of Veterans of the Aviation Regiment” Normandy-Niemen “. The diploma “For personal, long-term assistance and support of the veteran organization for perpetuating the memory of the feat of the legendary regiment” was handed on the eve of the 80th anniversary and personally signed by the head of the Association Anatoly A. Fetisov, who commanded the regiment from 1995 to 2000.

The 18th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, formed March 7, 1942 on the basis of the 6th IAP – included the famous 4th Squadron Normandy, manned by French pilots. In July 1943, on the basis of the squadron, the same-named 1st separate fighter aviation regiment of the fighting France was created. The 18th GIAP was twice awarded the Order of the Red Banner, the Order of Suvorov III degree and the honorary name “Vitebsk”. In addition, the regiment is the only Russian holder of the highest award of France – the Cross of the Order of the Legion of Honor.

The film “Normandy-Neman. Monolog”, released in limited rental in 2015, was the first project of the film company “Sea Wolf. Cinematic Stories Creation”. The documentary film took part in 10 film festivals in Russia and abroad, brought to the collection of authors 4 special prizes – actually, this success inspired the team to launch the film company as such. Thus, even after nearly 80 years, the Normandy-Neman Guards Air Regiment continues to inspire a new generation – not for military exploits, but for preserving the memory of the terrible past in the name of building a peaceful future.

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