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04/10 2018


On September 20, at the Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, a documentary film was shown by “The Sea Wolf. Creation of film stories”, that dedicated to the tragic history of Smolensk athlete Alexei Fedorov. The film, has been shooting in Russia and the United States for 9 months, presented personally by director Egor Klimovich; the session was attended by the athlete and his family members.

“We even wept. Very heavy memories. But now we are preparing for the third Olympic Games. We want to go back and prove that, after all, the training process without any pharmacology can achieve the highest results.”

Leonid Fedorov, father and trainer of Alexei Fedorov, master of sports of the USSR

It was the first demonstration of the film in Smolensk. The director noted that the show was in Smolensk, in the hometown of Alexei Fedorov, and it had a special meaning for him. Remind that the film looks thorough on the events of the “doping scandal” of November 2015, which resulted the disqualification of Russian athletes – including Alexei, who has never been caught to use prohibited drugs.

“Only after some time I realized how difficult it was. Because it was not known if I could perform at the Olympics, and in general, when I can return to the international arena. And it is not known what to prepare for, in order to simply become stronger and not to show oneself anywhere, it hits me very hard.”

Alexey Fedorov, Honored Master of Sports of Russia

Interestingly, that is not the first visit of Egor Klimovich into the city – the last time he came to Smolensk as an actor to present the film “Moving Up” (where Egor plays Alexander Bolyshev).

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