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03/10 2018


At the movie week “Children’s CinemaMay”, two documentaries of the Sea Wolf were presented – the film “Coubertin’s Rule” dedicated to the topic of doping in big-time sports; and “Normandie-Neman. Monologue “, which tells about the legendary Soviet-French squadron.

“Children’s CinemaMay”

Children Charitable Foundation, established in Smolensk, in 2009. It implements programs of the same name – film week and a children’s charity film festival. As part of the film week “Children’s CinemaMay”,  free screenings of the best Russian films and animated films, including the premiere shows, are organized at cinemas in Moscow, Smolensk and St. Petersburg. Numerous meetings with filmmakers are held, master classes of famous actors and directors are held, young viewers are invited to take part in the traditional Competition of children’s creative works.

In 2018, “Children’s CinemaMay” again took place in Karelia – in such cities as Petrozavodsk, Sortavala, Medvezhiegorsk and Segezha, from September 7 to September 11. The films of the seaside company were warmly taken by the public.

“Rule Coubertin” – a manifesto in defense of the presumption of innocence of an athlete. No athlete can be suspended from competition unless his guilt is proven in court. Because the story we told is about the tragedy of Smolensk athlete Alexei Fedorov. Imagine a person who has been going to the Olympics for 6 years, doing everything possible and impossible … to be removed. Is illegal. Without any reasons.

“Normandy-Neman. Monologue” is primarily not about military achievements, but about incredible human destinies, love, friendship and solidarity in those terrible times. As far as I know, we were the first to review those events from this angle.

Egor Klimovich, director

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