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08/02 2018

APAC: “Russtroyconsulting” conducts series of top-meetings

Within the framework of the Asia Pacific Energy Assembly (Singapore, January 24-25, 2018), Dmitry Evtin, head of investment and business consulting at HC Russtroyconsulting, held a number of working meetings with representatives of the largest companies in the industry.

APAC is rightly considered one of the most influential global events in the business world – at this forum leaders, owners and top managers determine the vector of future investments in the energy sector. The representative of Russtroyconsulting, who took part in the forum, discussed the possibility of the company’s participation in Asian projects of the largest corporations of the industry in the format of discussion panels, personal meetings and closed negotiations.

In the course of the private meeting with Mr. Wayne J. Mudge, ExxonMobil Exploration & Upstream Ventures, Singapore Branch the parties agreed to consider the participation of Russian partners of RSC in various projects of ExxonMobil in the ASEAN region; in particular, an agreement was reached on three additional meetings at the ExxonMobil headquarter within the framework of the forthcoming OTC Asia forum, to be held in Kuala Lumpur in March 2018.

Successfully negotiated with the vice-president of Petronas Corporation (Malaysia), Mr. Anur Taib – the specifics and issues of organization of Russian oil and gas equipment supplies for Malaysian energy projects were discussed.

At a meeting with the head of the gas sector Pertamina corporation (Indonesia), Mrs. Yenni Andayani, and HC “Russtroyconsulting”, the parties reached the agreement regarding the participation of representatives of Russian companies in a series of negotiations of the extraction of natural gas and the development of deposits in Indonesia.

Meeting with the Vice President of Business Development of Chevron Company in the Asia-Pacific region, Mr. Dipak Kothari spoke about the participation of Russian engineering companies and supply of technological equipment for regional projects of this largest corporation.

Meetings were also held with Shell representatives (Mr. Tan Kee-Seng, head of the business development department in the APR) and Statoil (Mr. Sanjay Jobanputra, vice president for business development in the APR).

In addition, Dmitry Evtin managed to meet with Mrs. Melody Meyer, who holds the position of Energy and Non-Executive Director at BP and is one of the top speakers of the Forum, a member of the iCouncil.

Meetings were also held on Russian projects – Novatek (Mr. Mark Gyetvay, deputy Chairman and CFO) and Rosneft (Mr. Arem Matyushok, Director of the Business Development Department).

In general, Russtroyconsulting was able to discuss the current industry projects directly with the leaders of the world’s largest oil and gas companies – with further direct access to working negotiations on participation in such projects. Thus, the company, its partners and Russian clients represented by Russtroyconsulting receive real opportunities to participate in the projects related to the extraction, processing and transportation of energy resources in Asia. The company is already collecting a package of projects available for participation and updates the data on them; for the near future, a number of meetings and negotiations with Russian companies interested in such projects are planned.

 Photo source: http://www.energycouncil.com/

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