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By the order of Federal State Institution Rostransmodernization and DNIIMF, OJSC, Engineering Consulting Companyselected the site for the transportation hub and prepared pre-project documentation “The scheme of the main plan for the highway “Port Vostochny – transport hub” as part of the package of documents for the investment justifications for the project “Development of the transport hub Vostochy-Nakhodka”.

The road being planned for construction is a part of the transport node designed to ensure operation of a dock-side container terminal, particularly allowing to handle effectively the issue of shipments of container batches from the port (including delivered by road and other related transport) to the terminal site in accordance with the transport scheme and the direction of the traffic.

The Vostochny Port-Transport Node road is important for tfurther expansion of the transit, export and import operations of Nakhodka-Vostochny Port transport node.

The project obviously has a significant social impact, and its implementation will remove a substantial part of the infrastructural constraints impeding the development of transport and economic links insea ports of Vostochny and Nakhodka.

Thus, we can assert that the project is also of extreme importance for the successful establishment of an integrated economic space in this part of the Primorsky region in particular as well as generally for the harmonious development of the federal backbone transport network.

The route chosen eventually includes the use of the existing roads Vladivostok-Nakhodka-Vostochny Port, Beregovoy-Hmylovka, Vladimiro-Alexandrovskoye-Hmylovka with their reconstruction according to the prospective traffic load. The construction length of the route is 25km.

The proposed solution ensures the bypassing of Beregovoy township, Hmylovka village, Vladimiro-Alexandrovskoye village, the bridge through Partizanskaya river (with a low capacity) and access to the backbone federal transport network – the federal Vostok highway from Khabarovsk to Nakhodka included into The Modernization of the Russian Transport System program.




FSIRostransmodernizatsija, FEMRIOJSC

In December 2006, Engineering Consulting Company experts were assigned the task of preparing a spatial design for the development of the transport node as part of the investment justification document package.

The project considered both the master plan for the development of the transport node and a number of selected issues such as those related to the development of railways and stations.

One of the key tasks was to find an optimal road route for possible options for siting the prospective container terminal as well as to determine the cost, construction stages and period.


During project development, specialists of the «Engineering Consulting Company» based upon a dataset – particularly, on the data of the topographic survey carried out by LLC «Infogeodesia» and specially prepared by FSI «Territorial Fund of information on natural resources and environmental protection of the MNR of Russia for the Primorsk Territory» the analytical package «Geological structure, geomorphological, hydrogeological, engineering-geological and ecological characteristic of the Partizansky municipal district of Primorsk Territory».

The prepared project is distinguished by the qualitative integration of engineering data and generally a high degree of elaboration.

As a part of the project, we carried out preparatory works and formed a package of documentation, which was included in the Investment Justification upon the project «Development of the transport centre «Vostochny-Nakhodka», Primorsk Territory», including:

  1. Graphical scheme of the development of the transport center.
    1. Substantive part included, among other things, the regarding of the planning situation, economic and transport-geographical, natural-resource characteristics of the area of investment object location. The specialists of the company selected the options of placement of the TC sites, analyzed them, conducted a rating and consolidated planning evaluation of the variants of offers taking into account current state of the territories, engineering, transport, social infrastructure and other significant factors.
    2. Main part included general plan of the transport center on two variants of sites. When development of this part of graphical scheme, the issues of the engineering development and transport infrastructure, the functional organization of accommodation territories, their protection from emergencies of anthropogenic and natural character were taken into account. As a result of this part of the work, the specialists of Engineering Consulting Company evaluated the options and formed recommendations on the optimal site for the task at hand.

Development of scheme of the general plan and the main design decisions of  «Vostochny Port – portside container terminal» motorway.


The proposed project was accepted by the Customer and recognized effective from the standpoint of optimization of existing and perspective cargo traffics in the area of traffic center.

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