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By order of “Igropolis” LLC and on the basis of “Innovative tourist cluster Ecoterra” project concept specialists of “Russtroyconsulting Hollding Company” LLC have developed space scheme of innovative tourist cluster “Ecoterra” (Primorsky region).

In the frames of “Ecoterra” project, several year around infrastructure objects of story, ecological, event and other types of tourism are being built on the territory of Primorye. Wherein all objects are included in unified structure which allows using resources of each separate element more effectively.

List of key touristic cluster objects

  1. TIC «Ecoterra»
  2. “Igropolis” thematic park complex (three thematic parks)
  3. “Usadba” complex
  4. “The Lost World” thematic park
  5. “The Labyrinth” complex
  6. “Five elements” recreational hotel complex
  7. “Golden Valley” thematic park
  8. “Swan Lake” integrated resort zone
  9. “Silver Wind” international youth center and “Admiral Makarov” (including sea club museum)

Total area of Ecoterra objects is over 480 hectars

Concept of ecotourism cluster “Ecoterra ecological and recreational tourism center” made by development fund for complex development and territory branding promotion under financial support of “Russtroyconsulting Hollding Company” LLC support has become the basis of the project.  In September 2016 “Igropolis” LLC joined the project implementation process in order to put in order investment process inside the Project and organizational and technical process between its participants (Project team and “Ecoterra” association participants).

In the frames of space scheme, pre-project tourist cluster object location in Vladivostok city district and three municipal districts – Nadezhdinsky, Shkotovcky and Partizansky suggestions are developed. Space scheme materials were the base for project feasibility study and for Free port resident status request made by project flagship – “Igropolis” LLC. Cooperation memorandum between Fund for territory branding and complex development promotion, “Russtroyconsulting Hollding Company” LLC, ecotourism cluster participants association, “Primorsky region investment agency” Joint stock nonprofit organization and Nadezhdinsky, Partizansky and Hasansky municipal district governments has been signed. Negotiations with investors are in process.

Client Solution Result  


“Igropolis” LLC

For project further development “Russtroyconsulting” specialists had to overcome several non-trivial challenges together – specify object and land sites list targeted for use in the project; Settle down questions of cluster objects territory binding with potential project partners; develop space scheme of tourist cluster construction and development on the basis of actualized information.


“Russtroyconsulting” acting in a unified project team could implement complex approach to tasks solution.  During approximately 8 months contents and arrangement of cluster objects questions, partners’ participation format questions were solved, most of engineering and technical solutions of previous version of the project were actualized and correspondently technical and economical indexes and the Project investments volumes were renewed.

In the frames of the projects “Russtroyconsulting” project specialist have produced the following works (in a large scale):

  1. Territories preferable for tourist cluster objects placement were identified, their statuses and constraints were identified.
  2. Discussions with land site owners were held and written agreements on the format of territory usage were reached
  3. Administrative institutions support (regional and municipal administrations and profile departments) was obtained by signing agreements on joint “Ecoterra” project development.
  4. Investment project concept, contents and functions of objects, infrastructure objects technical and economical indexes were actualized.
  5. Space solutions for cluster as a whole were developed.
  6. Planning solutions for cluster objects were designed.

“Ecoterra” project specific is, for certain, its innovative nature in combination with ecological accent. When developing space scheme, consideration of these factors was one of the key moments – we were active in designing “smart” transport schemes, paid special attention to energy effectiveness and saving and we took into account wide use of mobile technologies and supplemented reality demands which were projected. Our pride is that all “Ecoterra” objects without exception are projected to satisfy the most “green” construction standards. Environment and resources saving for future generations is exceptionally important – moreover, most of the territories for cluster objects are placed in the suburbs on recreational and forest territories,


Nowadays, design and development space scheme of Primorsky region territory innovative tourist cluster “Ecoterra” has been  shaped in accordance with existing requirements, has been translated into several languages and is ready for presentation to interested investors with whom discussions are scheduled for February – April, 2018.

Actual “Ecoterra” project information including several planning solutions is represented on Primorsky region investment project. Cooperation memorandums have been signed – in particular, with “Primorsky region investment agency” JSNO, Nadezhdinsky, Partizansky and Hasansky municipal districts administrations. “Igropolis” LLC has placed a request for obtaining Vladivostok free port resident status.


Over 480 hectares
of total area
1766 rooms
in 17 hotels
97, 5 billions
of rubles in the project
271380 sqm
of construction area

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