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At the request of Sollers – Far East, LLC specialists from the “Engineering Consulting Company” completed the project works for the “Car plant in Vladivostok”.

One of the flagship enterprises in Primorye region,  “Sollers” factory was created with professional support of Engineering Consulting Company, LLC. The company’s specialists actually carried out a global reconstruction of an existing facility in the current plant, restoring the performance properties of the previously unused workshop floor No. 19, implementing a project to rebuild the destroyed quay wall and create a container site.

As part of urgent order, we collected the initial data and developed the project documentation for the facility, receiving a positive conclusion from nondepartmental appraisal of the projects and engineering surveys. Also, we provided technical support for the design and construction stages of the refurbishment of production buildings, utilities, warehousing and logistics infrastructure, site technical sites, including a test track for vehicles.

In October 2010 the positive conclusion of nondepartmental project appraisal was given to the customer and the facility was put into operation in the second quarter of 2011.




Sollers – Far East” LLC

In March 2010 Engineering Consulting Company, LLC was instructed to perform a number of engineering services for “Car plant in Vladivostok” object.

Within seven months, it was necessary to do the layout of existing and missing initial data needed to complete the design work; develop project and work documentation for the facility; obtain a positive conclusion of nondepartmental project and engineering research appraisal. In addition to that, our responsibilities included the author’s supervision and a number of technical escort functions, starting with obtaining building permits, coordinating the interaction of equipment suppliers and contractors and concluding with the specific aspects of the finishing of the facility.


The plant uses literally thousands of different components, complex transport and logistics schemes, provides jobs for a large number of staff. Comprehensive preparation of such technically complex and responsible project necessitated the teamwork of many specialists and the thorough processing of the initial data

For this project the specialists of the Engineering Consulting Company prepared the design and construction documentation and  carried out the engineering support in the following areas:

  1. Work on the reconstruction of the factory building (former Workshop No. 14 Dalzavod, OJSC) and the administrative and domestic buildings; preparation of platforms for the main production site (assembly section and configuration section forSsang Yong Rexton, Kyron, Action), administrative and technical premises and training center.
  2. Examination and reconstruction of berthing front including the elimination of berth defects according the results of survey. Reconstruction of crane tracks for the existing crane at the berth, reconstruction of railway unloaded platform
  3. Setup of a container platform with customs clearance area, household and technical premises (including a repair bay).
  4. Construction of a track for cars tests and for testing the dynamic, braking and amortization characteristics of cars.
  5. Setup of a warehouse of ready-made goods.
  6. Setup of a warehouse for keeping combustive and lubricating materials.
  7. Setup of a gas boiler house.
  8. Work on the reconstruction and building of external engineering networks.

The outcome

In October 2010 the customer had been given a positive opinion of the non-departmental examination of projects and in the second quarter of 2011 the facility was put into operation.

Nowadays “Sollers – Far East” occupies the leading position in the automotive market, the company is considered one of the most efficient in the industry, it produces more than dozens of various auto models with the production value of about 300 000 cars per year.

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