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“The history of “Russtroyconsulting” started back in 1995. We started with the design and construction engineering, and over time we attracted attention of the most demanding clients and won respect of the professional community. After a while, we came to the understanding that for  work successfully it is necessary to change the world around them, making it more comfortable and harmonious. All of our initiatives and the projects associated with this important task. We do our part of a larger overall work, concentrating on what are good at - effectively support business initiatives that encourage the development of individual territories of the Far East and the region as a whole”

Alexandra Maksimets

Our Mission

To promote the comprehensive development of territories, creating better business opportunities for our customers, the best reasons to be proud of their homeland for citizens and a better future for all regions of presence.

Our Values

Social Responsibility

We  develop social significant initiatives aimed at  improving the life quality and strengthening of the  territory cultural code . Social responsibility is not only a considerable indicator of our company's reputation - but  is our contribution to the  society development.

Nature Protection

Being the company that develops industrial projects along with tourist initiatives, “Russtroyconsulting” pays increased attention to nature protection – we take into consideration all the existing and potential aspects and take all the steps to minimize risks.

Effective Consumption

From a business point of view, an economically efficient company should avoid overconsumption of resources, make the utmost use of them, recycle and use them again – so our expertise in the field of building optimal business processes may help to make businesses and more environmentally friendly.

Responsible Consumption

The study of environmental risks is an integral part of the planning and design of our facilities. On the basis of the preliminary research data, we form programs aimed at preventing technogenic and other incidents.

Company’s Initiatives

Such company’s initiatives as the Centre of ecological and recreational tourism “Ecoterra” prioritize nature protection issues, attracting much public attention and creating fundamentally new opportunities for profitable “green” business.