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06/10 2018


The first film of “The Sea Wolf. Cinematic Stories Creation” was presented to a wide audience 3 years ago, on September 27, 2015.

A documentary film that has become our visiting card. Participant of five film festivals. Awarded four special prizes. Very personal, very unexpected statement about that amazing time and those legendary people.

It is symbolic that exactly three years after the premiere of the film Normandie-Neman. Monologue”- President of the Association of Veterans I of the Normandy-Neman Directorate of Anti-Terrorism Project, Anatoly Fetisov, raised the only copy of the historical LA fighter aircraft into the sky of France. This plane did not fly for about 18 years – in its time Yuri Gagarin had the opportunity to sit insight it (albeit on the ground). The flight took place near the city of Marse, near which lived the Hero of the Soviet Union, Roland de la Puap – his son Francois was there when the plane was raised. Now on board the aircraft we can rightfully put a badge of the squadron.

To make a movie. Take off on a restored fighter. These are desires of the same order – such events help to support the memory of time, which even decades later shows us examples of unique fates.

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