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Combining expert knowledge of specific field specialists in complex projects Russtroyconsulting successfully works on many territories for various clients - from non-profit organizations to transnational corporations.

Engineering & Consulting


Project and construction engineering

Since 1995 we have been professionally dealing with engineering for largest companies in Far Eastern Federal region. Holding capacity allows it to work in full cycle combining engineering and consulting – from pre-production preparation and project concept development to its implementation and full operation running.

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  • We carry out market analysis and prepare a feasibility study for the project;
  • Analytical Development Services: we select the optimal land plot for the object;
  • Integrated engineering surveys on the building area;
  • Development and coordination of the project and working documentation for project facilities, city planning documentation (company standard, territory planning project), design of transport and engineering infrastructure;
  • Follow-up, consultations and technical support of the Customer while passing state examinations, obtaining licenses and permits;
  • Technical consulting on the selection of equipment and materials, preparation of supply contracts (taking into account the presence of special economic zone in the Far Eastern Federal Region and free economic zone in Asia Pacific Region), transaction support, monitoring of warranty and service;
  • Services of General designer, General contractor and technical Customer;
  • Organization of construction and restoration works, author's and technical supervision

Investment and business consulting

We provide services in the field of investment and business consulting - we optimize the work of existing enterprises and create new ones, we support domestic and foreign companies working in the Far Eastern markets and in the Asia Pacific Region (APR) countries. The holding company also deals with attracting investments and interacting with relevant state structures, federal agencies and other authorities.

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  • Business planning, business modeling. Benchmarking. Preparation of analytical materials on request - marketing analysis, study of the competitive environment, pricing, strategic planning, long-term development planning, expert reviews of Russian legislation on a given industry for residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation, etc.
  • Legal support, registration and subscription services for legal entities of various forms of ownership, audit, preparation of accompanying documentation. Including registration of a representative office or a branch of a foreign company with the translation of documentation and its proper registration. Accounting and tax support of the enterprise
  • Fixed assets - we will select a land plot for building construction, buildings and facilities for acquisition into ownership. We organize works «on a turn-key basis», from concordance-permissive procedures to selection of the company-contractor and realization control.
  • Sales of residential and commercial real estate. Project declarations (development, protection). Project website (development, maintenance). Escrow account support. Sales plan. Legal support of sales.
  • HR expertise – including employment and visa support of foreign employees; selection of senior staff; search and recruitment of specialists; organization of corporate training.
  • Investment consulting for residents - including expert assessment of the market value of the property complex. We assess the participation of partners, taking into account the implemented and forthcoming investments in the stages of project implementation. We select potential partners and help in establishing business contacts.
  • Investment consulting for non-residents - organization of meetings and negotiations, technical and organizational support. Consultations on legal issues, tax consulting, independent evaluation of the submitted project from the point of view of law enforcement practice, regional specificity and marketing. Complex support of pilot projects. Maintenance of investment projects "from scratch".
  • Interaction with financial institutions - country and regional instruments for investment, preparation of applications for inclusion of projects in the relevant federal target project, representation of clients' interests in federal agencies and authorities, particularly - in Ministry for Development of Russian Far East. Registration of documents for obtaining financing from banks, investment consortia and funds.

Russian-Chinese Consulting Center

We are proud to announce the launch of the Russian-Chinese Consulting Center (RCCC), a specialized platform designed to facilitate successful business ventures between Chinese companies and the Far Eastern and Eastern Siberian regions.

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  • RCCC offers comprehensive project support throughout the entire lifecycle, from initial research and in-depth pre-project analysis to post-construction services. Our services encompass support for negotiations with government entities, land selection, design consulting and engineering, legal and accounting support, facility commissioning, and certification and licensing.
  • By functioning as a single point of contact, RCCC provides a streamlined and highly effective approach for Chinese companies to navigate the Russian market.

Cluster Projects


Tourism clusters

Since July 2013 we have been working on a unique initiative - the innovative tourist cluster "Ecoterra" . This project just entered the investment stage. The "Ecoterra" project is being implemented within the “Russtroyconsulting” mission regarding investment support and integrated development of territories, uniting core competencies of the holding companies under a single and exceptionally large-scale project.

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  • Analysis of the territories possibilities, search of perspective facilities, work with local destinations - we find tourist magnets and integrate them into a single concept of the tourist cluster.
  • Development of the General Scheme regarding creation and development of the tourist cluster, a long-term development strategy, work with the cluster residents - including via the Association of “Ecoterra” Ecotourist Cluster members established in 2014.
  • Searching potential investors and operators - future residents of the tourist cluster. Supporting investment projects, integrating projects into a single scenario model of the cluster.
  • Design of tourist infrastructure facilities.
  • Development of comprehensive promotion strategy, organization of events, ensuring year-round activity in attracting tourists.

Manufacture clusters

We develop and implement complex projects regarding development of territories based on integrated manufacturing and industrial clusters - we analyze potential possibilities of cluster, selecting possible residents to create synergies, create a multi-year development plan, optimize its structure and organize effective interaction with government agencies and financial institutions.

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  • Analysis and strategic diagnostics of a given industry, assessment of markets and opportunities, development of ideas, identification of key success factors and setting tasks.
  • Auditing the cluster environment. Online and offline benchmarking. Work with current and potential cluster members.
  • Formation of information base of cluster development - study of industry trends, main trends and promising technologies. We will identify real and hidden leaders and will find opportunities for partnership and co-development.
  • Creation of long-term development strategy, activities plans and cluster programs. Creation of project’s internal structure and mechanics of cluster functioning.
  • Interaction between state bodies and financial institutions support  - search for domestic (Russian Federation, Russian Far East ) and external instruments of financing, search for investors. Selection of pilot projects and creation of a development plan within national and international markets.
  • Organization of cluster. Technical activities on cluster’s site. Engineering and consulting support of cluster’s residents. Promotion of the project, including means of IR and GR.

Communication & Media


Communication strategies

Systematic approach and well-structured communication strategy are keys to effective dialogue between business and public. We create messages which broadcast the company's values to consumers and society. In part, we ourselves create such values - developing new Russian brands or adapting foreign ones to the specifics of our market, analyzing the market and designing brand’s platform, formulating the brand’s ideology and attracting the audience.

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  • Analytical unit and marketing research – we understand consumers, market and its players, we evaluate competitive environment, we find positioning of the product and the company.
  • We develop brand’s platform. Naming, audial identification, visualization - color graphic concept, corporate identity, industrial design, package design.
  • Development of branding, communication and PR-strategies. Development of advertising concept, identification of strategic communication channels.
  • Tactical solutions complex - presentation package and POSM, design of advertising materials, development of a site "on a turn-key basis", other communication products.
  • Applied aspects of communications - media buying, media planning, media placement. Development and implementation of advertising campaign flights, monitoring, efficiency analysis

Online media and media projects

We create platforms for discussing key issues that concern a wide audience. We work with experts who thoroughly know the subject of such a discussion. We creating communities, study the beliefs, working with public opinion. We support private media and implement media projects for our clients.

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  • We study audience and formulate media-tasks for projects.
  • We look for a theme, a style, a format. We find solutions for professional, sectoral and other platforms.
  • We design media structure, develop editorial standards and editorial policy. We give advice on government relations, interaction with advertisers, journalists, invited authors.
  • Registration of mass media, improvement of internal processes. Development and implementation of online and offline projects in the field of media.
  • Organizational support of existing editions.

Product and territory promotion

“Russtroyconsulting” helps promote tourist products, closely associated with certain areas – creating attraction points, qualitative destinations, real magnets for tourists. We promote areas and create tourist brands in close cooperation with specialists from all over Russia – people who have practical experience of creating unique attractive destinations.

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  • We work out conceptions of tourist products. We work out conceptions of area promotion.
  • We organize newsworthy events; provide scenarios, announcements, and information support for them. We organize regular events aimed at domestic and foreign tourists.
  • We represent interests of tourist brand owners and destinations at specialized exhibitions, awards, to government bodies, potential investors and financial institutions.