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30/01 2018

«Russtroyconsulting»: «Work with Asia business leaders»

The International Financial Week, held in Hong Kong in mid-January 2018, hosted the Asian Financial Forum, a global investment summit that brought together the speeches of recognized world experts and business of leading Asian companies. This global event gave the official negotiation opportunities and informal communications to its participants. Dmitry Evtin, the Head of Investment Consulting at HC Russtroyconsulting, was in the official Russian delegation and took part in the Forum.

During the Forum, our representative held a number of meetings with the management of the largest regional and global companies; with some of them, it was possible to reach preliminary agreements about future cooperation. As Dmitry Evtin points out, most of the meetings concerned the topic of the financial forum – from discussing various options for financing investment projects and optimizing the cost structure up to direct negotiations of the participation of profile investors in interesting projects implemented both in Russia and abroad.

Investment blog of Dmitry Evtin

Papa Jabel Seck,

co-founder & CEO, Africa Vehicle Group

It is a really vivid example of an increasingly rare investment project in our time, designed to local shortage of demanded goods – in this case, it is about the organization of production of low-budget off-road vehicles. The company, founded in 2017 by a Senegalese, naturalized in the United States, is currently negotiating the construction of three automobile plants with the largest Indian and Chinese companies. Meanwhile, similar Russian models offer consumers an excellent level of quality with a lower final cost, which makes the license form of cooperation with domestic car plants extremely profitable for this investor. As a result, the investor is considering the possibility of manufacturing cars on its own sites in Africa, is ready to act as the customer of the project provided by the Russian partners. HC Russtroyconsulting formalizes the project and is looking for potential partners.

Oluwaleke OlateruOlagbegi

CEO, Eltess Royal Limited

Eltess Royal is a well-known consulting company based in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. During the meeting with Mr Oluwaleke Olateru-Olagbegi, the CEO of this company, major energy projects were discussed. The company is interested in attracting investors and is ready for cooperation. Thus, some projects run by the company offer to potential investors of the oil and gas sector unprecedented production volumes, up to 1.9 billion barrels of oil and 7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas; concession for the construction of highways, seaports and logistics hubs; participation in the project of a coal company (500+ million metric tons of coal), interested in equipment for coking coal; widescale agro-technical projects.

Mr Wing Yip Young,

President, Clearwater Environmental Services Inc

Clearwater Environmental Services, Inc. is not just a company engaged in water treatment in large urban and industrial facilities around the world, but also a participant in the One belt, One Road project. As part of the latter, the company received funding for sewage treatment projects for 14 cities. During the meeting, the possibility of including Vladivostok in these projects was discussed, with further qualification of the city as part of the One belt, One Road project. Besides more applied issues related to the application of the company’s competencies in the field of oil and gas projects servicing were discussed. The possibility of concluding a partnership agreement with Clearwater Environmental Services for work in the Russian market is being considered.

Mr Helmi Maemozax ,

President Director  PT. Petronesia Energi Internasional 

During the meeting, the curious project of creating a network of small oil refineries in Indonesia was discussed – despite the existence of oil and gas mega-projects, there is a huge fuel shortage for cars in this country. It is curious that the strategy proposed to partners allows to bypass the mechanisms of strict state regulation and to minimize competition with the largest players of the market, such as Exxon, BP and Shell. There is a favorable opportunity to use domestic know-how and professional competencies of national companies, including technical solutions and a service system.


During the meeting with the representative of PowerChina, the possibility of entering Russian projects was discussed – the largest Chinese company is interested in services to adapt such work. HC Russtroyconsulting was offered a partnership in the domestic market (with priority on Far Eastern projects).

In addition, a number of meetings were held with representatives of the professional community – HGH Capital, Ltd. (mr. Gabriel Goh, Managing Director); PwC China (mr. Roger Liu, Deals Private Equity Leader & Retail & Consumer Leader); Tian Yuan Finance Group (mr. Simon Cheung, Director). Issues of joint work on the creation of financial models for the entry of foreign investors into Russian projects and, on the contrary, domestic business in foreign projects were discussed. HC Russtroyconsulting constantly works on developing the network of business relations, establishing contacts with local consulting and financial companies throughout Asia.

The Asian Financial Forum (AFF) was held in Hong Kong, from 15 to 16 January 2018. The forum is part of the International Financial Week (International Financial Week). The mission of the Forum is to provide the most influential members of the global financial and business community with opportunities to work together, develop projects and discuss trends in Asian markets. In addition to the 100+ invited top speakers, AFF-2018 was attended by more than 2900 delegates from 50+ countries – and about 85% of them are CEOs and CEOs. More than 440 journalists from the world’s leading media are accredited at the Forum. About 3,800 meetings between representatives of 1,800 companies took place in the framework of the Forum. To date, AFF is one of the most authoritative investment events in Asia.

Photo source: http://www.hktdc.com/ncs/aff2018/en/main/index.html

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