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03/06 2017

Russtroyconsulting is preparing for the Belt and Road Summit

During 26.04 –02.05, 2017 Dmitry Evtin, the head of the investment and business consulting department of HC Russtroyconsulting, held a number of direct negotiations, presenting the clients’ projects to a number of Hong Kong official structures, including HKTDS (HongKong Trade Development Council ), and Invest HK.

Particular attention was paid to the issues of an interaction in the sphere of energy projects and projects in the field of energy infrastructure within the context of the upcoming event – the Belt and Road Summit. It was repeatedly stressed by the Chinese side that the issues of energy development and energy infrastructure are paramount for this global Chinese project, that had been designed for decades of implementation and many billions of dollars of investment.

According to the results of the meetings, we can confidently say that the Russian projects related to energy – and in particular, based in the far East, in close proximity to existing and planned major transport communications – have the ability to go first in the global project, supported by the government of China and the Russian Federation. Therefore one of the priorities of “Russtroyconsulting” is a preparation for participation in the Summit, which will be held in early September in Hong Kong.

Belt and Road Summit

The summit, which will be held in Hong Kong on September 11, 2017, is a worldwide forum of the Global «One Belt, One Way» Project, where representatives of the countries all over the world will discuss a mega-project that can influence the development of the infrastructure on a global scale.

2400+ representatives of the state structures and leaders of the international business; 60+ official delegations from all over the world; 400+ planned signing of contracts and agreements for a total value of more than $ 23 billion; 40+ most influential and famous speakers in the world; 270+ accredited journalists of the world’s leading media.

World political and business leaders will discuss, plan and implement projects that can accelerate world economic development, overcome global crises and improve the quality of life for all the world’s people.

Photo resource: http://www.beltandroadsummit.hk/

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