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The film company «Sea Wolf», online media «Brand Journal», the communicator «Congress Bureau.RU», the technical gaming operator «Igropolis» are being created.


The film «Normandie – Niémen. Monologue», created in the framework of the «Anna-Marianna» project, is shown in Nice and begins a tour of Europe.


«Engineering Consulting Company» becomes a member of the IMCA, the International Marine Contractors Association. In the Russian Far East, the organization includes only two companies – FESCO and our company


The Assistance Fund becomes the regional representative of the national contest of Russian Event Awards and conducts regional rounds of this major tourist event until 2016.


The Foundation for the Promotion of Integrated Development and Territory Branding is being created. In July 2013, the Foundation proceeds to the preparation of the General Scheme for the creation and development of the tourist cluster «Center for Ecological and Recreational Tourism «ECOTERRA» on the territory of Primorsky region.


The establishment of the Holding Company «Rosstroyconsulting», specialized in the field of investment and business consulting and merging various holding companies under the aegis of a single management structure.


The establishment of «Engineering Consulting Company».